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One platform, real time data management and information visibility

SHIFT develops management software tools focusing on automation, data analysis, operational efficiency and full implementation of company policy and service contracts.

Transportation management software

Web based and application solution for managing  transportation services in enterprises, goverment authrities and public sector organizations.

Generates and manage data from all stages of the operational chain. ride registration, routes optimization and planning,  real-time routes monitoring, reports and analysis, Keeps the data synced and visible to all users.

Fleet management software

A software solution to manage the fleet in your company.

Coordinate and manage  vehicles and driver’s data. approvals, licenses, events, monthly inspections, all in one place.

BI - Data Analytics

Get all insights from your  transportation operation and make  data-based decisions!

Collects, cross-references and displays data. enables to identify trends and shows operational efficiency in real-time.

Managed services

A comprehensive, accessible and accurate solution for all users and service providers

SHIFT offers end-to-end  services for your transportation  and fleet operation, using data-based technology tools that helps  your organization save time and money.

Call center services for passengers

Data update and validation
Updating passenger details and handling travel registrations.

Providing useful information
Pick-up time and pick-up point, operating transportation company, driver details and more.

Handling reports of dameged vehicle, delay in route, driver issues as well as handling inquiries with the transportation company.

Improving user experience
Support the application service and increased usage.

Usher solution for service provider

Rides requests and demands management
Planning and receiving demands from the passengers.

Planning the transportation operation
Daily rides planning  in accordance with requirements based on company policy.

Daily transportation service operation
Creating changes, placements, troubleshooting, delays. on going communication with the transportation companies.

Financial analysis services

Pricing analysis and recommendations
Comparing an existing solution to possible alternatives and presenting results and gaps.

Pricing recommendations for cost efficiency
Inspect the cost per kilometer with refence to the types of vehicles, duration of travel and providing recommendations for optimal price offer.

Monthly accounting
Monthly check of invoices with refence to the original price lists. managing fines and routes cancellations.

How It Works?

SHIFT systems are connected to all possible communication channels in order to provide a comprehensive response to all service recipients. our call center, WhatsApp chat channel and social networks are ready to receive each request automatically and associate it to the handling agent. Referrals are segmented and handled according to SLA and by the end of each month you will receive a complete overview by request type and amount along with our  suggestions for optimization.

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