BI – Data Analytics

Get all insights from your  transportation operation and make  data-based decisions!

Collects, cross-references and displays data. enables to identify trends and shows operational efficiency in real-time.


Data analysis and segmentation

Collect contact data information by  segmentation into different departments, shifts, pickup  stations and transportation  service providers. 
‘A view of the passenger by location will give you an indication of the manpower layout. Filter by department and route will help you keep your data up to date.

Information monitoring

Your control of the shuttle system has never been better.
Average mileage and time for travel, planning versus execution, average lateness for travel, segmentation by transportation company, Indication of journeys not made, percentage of crossings at stations, time consumption and kilometers by direction, segmentation by duration drive.
These analysis and more will allow full visibility and the best service experience.

Seat occupancy data

The transportation operation system is dynamic. Identify trends to improve efficiency and passenger’ experience by analyzing vehicle occupancy rate,  
information about the pickup locations and update the service agreements and price lists if necessary.

Analysis of rides demands

Planning demand synchronization is the infrastructure for operational efficiency. View the demand map and occupancy percentages by stations and shifts and make data-based decisions Which will affect the task of planning, budgeting and the ride experience of the passengers.

Tender Implementation

Keep track of operational cost by viewing the average cost per passenger, segmented by city and vehicle type and get a decisions about updating price lists, adding vehicle types, city consolidation and more.
A data-driven decision is significant for the company in mainaiting it’s policy and controlling the annual budget .Data analysis can save the customer tens of percent in managing the transportation operation.

Application downloads and usage

For better experience and real-time service, visibility of data and information regarding app. usage is highly important. our target is to increase number of users and improve the experience to all.

Quality of service

In order to improve the service experience for system users, we collect your referral data from all channels and reflect to you at any given moment the number of open referrals, types of referrals and the number of exceptions from the SLA. Our success is your data.