Tech companies

The High operational cost of corporate’ fleet and employees’ transportation services ,along with the lack of monitoring on occasional rides, requires a change in perception and a shift to smart transportation management. SHIFT will present operational cost saving  by performing routes optimization and ride sharing with companies near by and also provide a real-time digital user experience to your employees, all while maintaining the company’s transportation policy.

Having a smart transportation solution allows employees a safe trip, saves them waiting time and minimizes unexpected incidents

Government offices

Transportation services in state companies is conditional on the holding of a tender and compliance with its conditions.
Sometimes there is a gap between these requirements and the actual reality of transportation services, both in terms of budget and operations and in terms of the quality of service.
Automated processes that takes into consideration the terms of the tender
such as pricing, fines, etc .. and actually translate it into everyday reality, is the solution for proper management,
of such services.

Employment parks

The low and discontinuous availability of transportation solutions for employment parks as well as the difficulty in finding parking space, impairs the day-to-day employees accessibility experience and creates great frustration and high expences. we offer a unique solution which will benefit all stakeholdes -corporate, passengers and service providers. SHIFT will funnel all demands, plan the routes in an optimal way and transmit it to one managing focal point and then back to the service applicant.

Transportation companies

The oversupply and regulatory changes in the market of transportation service providers, creates high competiotion rate based on price saving without any competitive adavantage or attention to service and technology. SHIFT will enable the service provider  to offer his customers a new experience  and technology driven solution. together with SHIFT all key players will have a unify standart in service and operation.


The high and complex operational challenges in the school transportation market requires cooperation between multi interfaces, day to day real time troubleshoting, monitoring and tight budget contrlo.
With SHIFT the highly complex operation becomes simple: real-time monitoring, data management, routes optimization, enables a new standart of service  and  user experience both for passenges and operators.