Vehicle fleet management software

A digital solution to manage the fleet in your company.

Coordinate and manage  vehicles and driver’s data. approvals, licenses, events, monthly inspections, all in one place.

Data management

Drivers and vehicles information and details managed in one platform. 

Suppliers' and expense management

 Vendors set up and generate a work order according to the assigned vehicle. tracking and changing status from work order stage up to payment.

Managing exceptional incidents

Setup an event (accident) with reference to the assigned vehicle and driver, third party documentation, testimonials, documents and event status update.

Daily alerts log

Receive a daily update by email and software notification, on the status of approvals and licenses of vehicles and drivers in the organization

Monthly vehicle inspection

Receipt of a notice of conducting a vehicle inspection in association with the vehicle and driver subject to the company’s policy and .required by law

Reports and segmentations

Present the fleet data in the on a dashboard segmented by department and vehicle type.

Additional features

Safety officers management

Filter notifications by car

Filter notifications by driver

Manage leased car fleet

Car vendors management

Car documentation

Documentation management

Subcontractor drivers

History and changes

Filter notifications by data